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1.  Sign this (click here) and refund is happening.  Here’s the label.

2.  Wait 5 days, here’s label, refund upon tracking delivery.

Part of the learning here is that to play in ecommerce you have to be prepared to box and ship.  That is the currency:  boxes.  No problem there–try spending years figuring-out how to ship an 8-foot tree protection device.  Still, there are better ways, or at least ways to make it so easy you cannot refuse.

The examples above are Walmart and eBay, respectively.


Maybe it is a symptom of cutting the cable.  Recently I have been buying a lot of computers.  There is more content out there than I was getting with cable anyway and the bonus is I don’t have to deal with Comcast or coax cables.  Anyway, there are excellent computers out there like this and there is only a month left to upgrade to Windows 10.

It is fun and I stay just a bit in touch with best practices.

Blinq.  eBay.  Amex.  Google Trusted Stores.  Blinq.  Compaq.  eBay.  Walmart.  Comcast.


I have always liked this little Lenovo (IBM made by Lenovo).  It sounds better.

One of the frequent storms hit and blew the cable box, which destroyed the new TV, setting off an inability to replace the box, and the cutting the cable revelation.  The computer didn’t show up, another one is perfection (but bigger), and two others failed.  Then the TV came back, meaning move the other to another room, and it didn’t have the connections or a model number and Walmart said here’s your refund (after four months).

It started with all the boxes.  I think ecommerce has reached the stage where people just hit the send button.  When in doubt, send.  What is a person’s responsibility when it comes to sending back unwanted stuff?

When the cable box blew Comcast sent me a massive relic replacement without HDMI.  “It is working, ” the person in India said and it was not.  “It has HDMI,” she said.  No, it has a plate in front of the HDMI port.  We’ll send another one, and it is the exact same thing.

There is no need to do this with cable when there are other ways to connect.

This is one of the better-sounding stereos I have had.

IMG_2972 (2)

What I would like to remember here is Walmart.  After moving all this stuff around I found the TV didn’t have the connections.  I looked on the Walmart website and the unit was still there.  Walmart sells a lot of TVs, especially 32″ ones for $129.

This has happened to me before because I buy quite a few…  I’ve learned that they rely on their vendors or manufacturers for product specs.  They often have their own model numbers.  They get the newest model numbers.  I have always wondered why people ask a question on their website, does it have this, and it is asked ten times with twenty different answers.  You cannot tell.

I decided to call them.  Wait.  On hold.  And the person says “I cannot extend the return period.  Please hold for tier II.

That never occurred to me.  I just wanted to say…  Now it was a long hold, for the escalation.  “Sure, we can do that.” he said.

“What a great idea,” I said.  “Who’s going to know?”

It is OK to lose once in a while, Blinq and others, print a label, and ship a box.


Finally, the small one in its place.