Our national nightmare

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He makes points that linger. There are some good sentences and some really bad ones. Proofing would have helped. Once he tries to “reconnect” with someone through the column. There are too many one sentence paragraphs.

Most importantly, it is amazing we survived. Some states went for him. It was scary-close.

I think or write about customer satisfaction a lot. If I were to go back to consulting, that is what I would do. Friedman is right that it is huge and lasting when anyone surprises to–not on–the upside. Another way to put it is exceeding expectations. It is true that Trump rarely if ever did that, but that is an underlying theme in his persona and communications. He is, as the author states, first and foremost a liar.

Friedman hits it right on the button in that it got worse. It is hard to understand the derangement of his personality. Former chief of staff (name) characterized the former president as the most prolific liar he has ever seen. His niece Mary–author and psychologist–describes him as in constant need of approval.

Hence the following and the gang. It is, but for the most part was, a cult with Trump as its narcissistic leader. They followed the ever-worse lies it is true, but Friedman stopped way short in that it descended into unrepentant violence. It was not just lies, it was an attack and threats still loom.

The real stars of the current version of the history, aside from nationwide voters, are big tech and it was a welcome surprise for sure. Jack Dorsey made a momentous decision. Whoever imagined that Mark Zuckerberg would step up? And even Jeff Bezos has been tacitly behind the transition.

Power collided with power and Trump lost. These are extremely wealthy and powerful men, not unlike Trump in that respect. They have also learned to… How do you say it? You don’t thrive or even survive through deception. When you have lost, you have lost. Sometimes you have to work with and get along with others. Finally, as a leader, you must do things for the greater good, not just yourself.

The other thing that Friedman didn’t mention–or perhaps he and I’m sure others have elsewhere–is that Washington, D.C. is a transitional place. Romney, McConnell, Sasse, and other free-thinking Republicans recognize the shift, some sooner than others. The coattails are no longer…

The king is dead, finally. Long live the King.

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