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I’ll go in order of who was hurt most. Cari Farver is first because she was murdered then dragged through the mud for years by the perpetrator. Then there is Mr. Kroupa, second. After that I lose count and it is unfair to try and rank and order them; they include Nancy the mother, Max the son, Kroupa’s former common law wife, and more.

On the perp side there is only one person: Shanna Liz Golyar. At one point a man called Nancy (Last Name) to say Ms. Farver was at the shelter but likely he was duped. Golyar had no accomplices.

What I can add is you have to look at the whole thing. It is a look into Omaha and western Iowa including Council Bluffs and Macedonia (pop. 126).


have to finish skimming this.

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