More true crime

Posted by is the site and Annie Cushing is her name. It is the longest, most rambling timeline of Lori Daybell in existence. I couldn’t tell on my phone if it is current or if it ever ends. If you scroll it never stops.

I don’t know what Reddit is but they have changed and now you can read it. Maybe it is the stigma of being called out if you are a dufos, but the people there are really informed. That is the only place where I learned about Barry, Janis, and the Kansas shockjock brother.

I am going to stop now because I just spent my time posting to Annie. Besides, I have Josh Powell on the mind. I learned about him and his family on East Idaho News. Nate is my buddy; just kidding. It took a lot of nerve to stick a microphone in Lori’s face and ask the tough questions, and I believe I read somewhere that the reporter is not that usually that way. Someone had to do it. Grossbart, Grossman, Eric went along for the photo credits. I think they and others (gosh, Annie’s site mentions Justin Lum and everything else) do an excellent job where their edict is to stick to journalism.

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