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“Honestly, when I saw her, she just looked like a survivor.”

Judy Veloz is right. She also said something–I thought it would be one of those soundbites that they repeat, but it was quick and only once–and it was not real articulate. You cannot let your story influence the story.

It gets back to psychology and parents. And it happens everywhere all the time.

Poor Mary.

I didn’t buy the Southern accent thing for starters. I sounds more like country or uneducated to me anyway. Forget the “starters.” No one knows or could imagine the life that Mary led. Anything is possible, and that is psychology, not law enforcement.

At first 48 hours presented the detectives as extremely capable and even admirable. Geez, inventing a secret birth daughter? “The devil inside me” is probably not enough to convict for murder while often times a DNA match is.

Poor Mary. Memory lapses, alcoholism, and beatings are all about psychology too.

As is so often the case it is something else, or more accurately, something additional. The cadaver dogs are a perfect example in this one. Who knows what else went on in that household?

P.S. Go Crosley Green!

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