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From the outset (el Chapo) there was all this talk about how it proves Mexico can’t be trusted.  On the heels of the NY escapes that seems harsh.

Pablo Escobar basically lived in a hacienda within the prison until he decided that wasn’t good enough.  That he was “connected” wasn’t even transparent.  This guy is even bigger.

Guzman learned pretty much only poppy farming as a kid and turned that into a life-long career of… manufacturing and distribution.  Beating competitors and government and community relations are keys to success and survival.  I don’t know about technology—“tunnel digging” is a skill that can probably be learned as a job or career pretty easily.  The management, that of the people inside and outside the organization, is the extraordinary part.

The theory is this guy was in prison only so he could bust out again.  That is how ingrained it is.  It sounds ridiculous, and you have to do a little reading to reach that conclusion, but it may be true.  A big part of it is the U.S. influence.

I believe the warden of the first prison he broke out of is still in jail.

Oh, Guzman’s still-wife—as in he is still married to her—went to Los Angeles to give birth to their twins so now they are U.S. citizens.  She is the beauty queen who he found at 17 and married at 18; she is his third wife.  Her father too is a successful businessman (i.e., career smuggler).

I had no idea Colorado was the prison capital of the U.S.  Really, really ugly.  Capital punishment?  Terrorism.

I learned Mexico has 31 states.  Look up Sinaloa.  The notable residents are mostly boxers and drug lords (the drug workers are not included).  A random selection turned up Amado Carrillo Fuentes.  He is another example of someone who reached heights in his career; his niche was airplanes, specifically Boeing 727s.  Apparently he died while undergoing plastic surgery (in Mexico City) and the two surgeons were found dead in concrete.