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I’ve been watching this.  I thought it was over when, faced with Greece’s imminent default, the EU said “whatever.”  Why Germany and Ms. Merkel seemed to be the rallying-point I don’t understand and don’t really want to know.

So now they have this election.  Actually, it was scheduled a short while ago, before the whole world watched the required payment not happen.  At first the news here in Colorado was that the election was too close to call.  Now we receive word that it is a landslide rejecting whatever austerity measures may have been proposed.  Put differently, even the austerity measures that were in place are now seriously in question because the debt will be downgraded and…  It is going to get worse.

Sadly, the elections don’t matter much.  Apparently even the specific wording was hard to understand.  It is not funny at all.  Greece is a country without banks and money in a global economy.

The people seem virtually helpless.  Elections and celebrations are not going to help.