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I don’t usually do this.  I would rather write about people and corruption.

I saw part of the hearings live and I was surprised.  Shocked is too much.  Disappointed.

The woman was rock-solid.  The judge was not.  “I like beer” he said over and over.

I didn’t like him.  I thought about all the people, attorneys, defendants, and others he must have berated as a judge.  Often they probably deserved it.  But I doubt anyone can be right all the time.

He appeared as a spoiled, used to getting his way, angry person.  He appeared ignorant of the whole process that he must keep his cool and look like a supreme court judge.  What’s more (and remember, I don’t know a thing) he appeared as someone who is capable of getting drunk and violent.

The more I think about it, he appeared as someone who is guilty.

How guilty?  If he really didn’t make a habit of it…  If he isn’t that sort of man…  Why didn’t he just say ‘I remember her.  She is an attractive woman.  We frolicked a little.”

It seemed to me that he could very well have an angry pattern.  I see no lies in the women, but it is always a possibility.  I don’t know because I’ve never been accused of any such thing.  I have also never sought a high-level political confirmation.

What I saw is a man who became very angry, emotional, and unsettled during a legitimate questioning session.  From what I saw he is unfit for long-term duty on the highest court.