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How did he know that?

“He looked it up.”

I have to believe her.  But it still seems like she is being programmed.

For those who don’t know, I followed the story.  It goes back to the father who looks like Paul Williams.  He was working day and night killing bugs in the town of 5,000.  The wife had been removed from the home for abuse (kid-reported and convicted).

They are going to win.  The Culleoka Unit is going to pay and the John Grisham wannabe was on the trail right from the start.  Tad does not have it anymore.  Who else can you sue?

I didn’t know.  I thought the collecting of rocks a little cute and a lot pathetic.  No, it was to convict him in every state.

Even the sentence is a paradox because his Christian suffering was getting the better of him.  It is going to be a long time and he is going to be close to an old man.  Plus, he will be a changed man.

I would like to be there as a fly on the wall.  And I do mean innocuous fly.

No, I do not want to do that.  It could be something close to a lynching, and that is not right either.

It is impossible to calculate the percentage, but the teenager is not completely innocent.  Perhaps her role is extremely small–something like .01%–but it is still there.  She packed.  She got in the car.  She was vulnerable and (barely) underage, but she did go.

I believe she was 16.  By months, in one of the states or across them all, she was barely under the sexual-consent age.

That is one of the things the 20/20 piece worked around, sex.  The off-the-gridders in No. Cal. said they were going at it frequently.

Just imagine if everyone immoral is convicted.  And do not leave it up to high school classmates to judge.

Anyway, girls and boys know about those things most places.

Interesting.  If you want to be brainwashed, is it brainwashing?  If you are an adult, and you allow yourself to be brainwashed, is it brainwashing?


Favorite show:  American Greed.  Fraud is the hardest crime to prove because you have to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, intent to deceive.