“I am filled with furious anger”

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I am filled with furious anger.”  It is not the best sentence.

One of the reasons I follow (college) sports and Michigan sports is it allows me to see more.

There was the kicked-out defensive end who was removed from the team after the fracas in a motel in Ohio.  It was an unusual place for a weekend away, the waterpark motel.  The player’s long-time girlfriend had bruises and, among other things, a nightstand and lamp were knocked-over.  This player supposedly came from a tough background and this was not the first incident.

Recently there was the Mississippi State recruit arrested–he was not the only one in the crowd accused–for repeatedly kicking and hitting a woman already on the ground.  The recruit is a huge, fit athlete and he was recently, still, admitted as a scholarship student with a slap on the wrist (a suspension for one game, his first as a freshman).  The beating took place in front of dozens of people at the housing complex where they all lived.

If you watch it every day it happens every day.  Every hear of Tami Huntsman, or her brother?

It is harder to follow, and I don’t understand all the news, but there’s a big world too:  Chinese/North Korean dissident prisons; genocidal refugee camps, and nail-bomb terrorist bombings.  Still, no one can control gang rapes in India.

How would you like to live in a tent, or in a shack made from corrugated cardboard, in the mud or dust or dirt, and have rape, murder, or theft happen on a regular basis?

“You took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice, until today.”

Congratulations, good for you for speaking out, albeit anonymously, and trying to work through the incident.  Sans the details, of course it is wrong.  But most people probably are not as smart and articulate.  Most people can’t start a recall or get the vice president’s attention.

Rape is a serious crime and he is going to jail and the justice system is not perfect.  Humans and especially large, public institutions are not perfect.  The problem is gaining friction and attention–just Google “Baylor rape scandal.”  The campus problems, and the influence and influences of young adults, are getting lots and lots of attention these days.

Stanford, get over yourself.  I am not filled with furious anger.