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Things are heating up with DPW/CPW.  Time to write Cables and inform him of the shortcomings of his e-mail and my fix and bill philosophy.  Basically,

I believe you are right that many wildlife laws started as protecting commercial interests.  But they have been expanded greatly since often because of equal rights issues.  This law amendment makes that simpler and clearer:  You must provide equal protection to all.  Actually, what is really happening is that you provide worse than equal protection.  Some properties are protected, thereby sending the animals elsewhere to damage properties you refuse to protect.  CRS 33-3-103.5 does not mention anything about protection only for commercial interests; in fact it specifically states temporary game damage materials are to protect “private property.”  In other words, all or any private property.

It is unfortunate that the Commission has not issued regulations for this requirement.

(24) “Harass” means to unlawfully endanger, worry, impede, annoy, pursue, disturb, molest, rally, concentrate, harry, chase, drive, herd, or torment wildlife.My understanding is that “pyrotechnics” are used to frighten deer and elk.

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