Crime and the EPRD, Part 2

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Mark Footer, EPRD Board President

First they allowed a crime to occur.  They did not stop it even though it took place over a period of weeks.  They even say they observed it, although I question whether they paid any attention at all; regardless, they let it happen on their watch.  Next, they were informed about it and they ignored the “tip.”  Not acting on the tip compounds the cover-up.

My guess is Hart Cameron received the tip, went to Scott Robeson, and Robeson said do nothing.

I wrote to Mark Fowler and he did not reply, call, or communicate at all.

Only after I called the state patrol a second time, and they “tagged” the car for removal, did I hear from anyone at the EPRD.  Robeson e-mailed me in what I would characterize as a very disturbing effort to cover his tracks.

Is this latest crime–an abandoned vehicle–so minor that it is not worth all this fuss?  I believe it is a perfect example of the problem.  A crime is a crime and a cover-up is a cover-up.

Now I understand the whole thing:  why there is so much crime on EPRD property, why they did not stop or prevent this incident, why they ignored the tip, and why now they are attempting cover-up their behavior.  It is all consistent with criminals–they are accessories to the crime–and corruption.  Will they learn or change?  That is doubtful:  they have shown no repentance or corrective action and they are still concealing.  So begins the effort to replace Mark Footer.

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