Crime at Stagecoach Park

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Mr. Footer/EPRD Board:

Thank you for providing contact names and e-mail addresses on the EPRD webpage.

This is a sad day.

I believe that your organization is attempting to intimidate residents into accepting crime at Stagecoach Park.  I have experienced abuse, broken promises, indefinite delays, or no response at all when raising these issues in the past.

I think it goes without saying that since the EPRD is taxpayer funded and a “subdivision and instrumentality” of the state that you have an obligation to make parks safe, crime-free, and accessible to everyone.

Your organization has the authority to provide security services but you refuse to do so.

Last December I was nearly attacked by a large, illegal (no dogs allowed), off-leash German shepherd dog.  EPRD officials have been asked on numerous occasions to prevent this yet it was allowed this to happen.

Another ongoing problem is driving in no-vehicle areas and vandalizing parking lots (e.g., vehicular figure-eights).  Others have reported these to the sheriff’s department on numerous occasions.

Despite this situation there is still no responsive crime-reporting contact/function for the EPRD.  It is, by statute, the duty of citizens in Colorado to report crime.  How can your organization correct the problem if you do not track, respond-to, and monitor the situation?

Here, please see the e-mail below, is the latest example:

C.R.S. 18-4-512

C.R.S. 42-4-1803

The car is still sitting there, as it has been, for approximately the last month.  How do you know it is not stolen or has a bomb or other danger associated with it?  Assuming it is merely “stored there,” why is this allowed?  Is there any monitoring of the premises?

It is a sad day.  I have already communicated with individuals at the Colorado State Patrol and today I will contact the sheriff’s office.  I have no choice.  It has been reported to the EPRD per the process outlined on your website.  This suggests complicity in the crime.

Thank you for your attention to this very serious, ongoing matter.

Peter Pfeiffer

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