Big Trouble

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I guess I am behind, but I first saw it on 48 Hours a few days ago–the story of Caylee/Casey Anthony.  There isn’t a whole lot of credible information out there put together in a readable story, so this is about the best I could find.  It is amazing how much press this murder has attracted, from full-time blogs to newspaper serials/archives, to the television true crime activists and talk shows.  And the online comments!  Here is an example of all kinds of wild theories about Caylee’s possible father.  In an unusual example of the web-based media, some of the comment threads on the blogs offer an excellent summary of the “facts.”  It is amazing the extent to which some people follow the case.

This case is about…

This case is about two things, both neatly summarized by quotes from the 48 Hours Mystery show.

First (and here),  former defense attorney Kenney Baden:

“Because of who she is, because of her upbringing, because of how she’s been treated, she lies.  But being a liar does not make you a murderer.”

Second (and here), according to defense attorney Cheney Mason:

“(It is) the biggest case with the least evidence that I’ve seen.  Ever.  Anywhere.”


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