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I never do this.  This blog has not been about people who read it, and that was a mistake.

I have always thought that this website is about me making notes and that the whole thing was for my benefit.  That was wrong.  People read it.  I want them to read it.  It is actually about sharing.

It is also about becoming a better writer and that is certainly related.  I realize that it is often cryptic and that it is hard for the reader to follow.  I would like to think that I can improve on that.

I love customer satisfaction.  If I had to name a pet peeve (I suppose there are others), it would be small businesses who say ‘It is my business and I’ll do what I want.’  Maybe that too is a little like sharing, but it is also true that any business works off of customers and reputation.  A bigger business or one with professionalism and more at stake would be more likely to at least get through the transaction.  And they would be a whole lot more likely to have heard it before, want to listen, and to want to improve.

I have never been inclined to narrate my way through or to explain a lot of things here.  The whole thing was more or less my calendar as I could look back and be reminded of the things I was working on, if you, the reader will.  Occasionally I would refer someone to it because I thought it contained something factual, useful, or helpful; people who know me know this is here.  I do not even know who reads it or finds it as I have turned-off all website statistics.  I believe Youtube and others may use cookies but otherwise there are no cookies.

All that is no reason not to write for the reader, and write better.  As some have said for many other and different reasons, the time is now.

As for Steve Gillette, it is a happy song for me.  The song came through loud and clear on an old cassette and I had to look on the internet to find who the singer is.  I probably still have the album, but I didn’t remember.

What’s more, it proves that the cassette player in the big black Mercedes still works great.  What an amazing song!

I guess the song is pretty sad, but there’s nothing wrong with memories.  I believe if you try your best to do the right thing and if you make an effort not to hurt people, memories are just fine.

And there is nothing wrong with wondering.