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It was nice to understand it.  It is very beautiful.

I didn’t know that Chicago is as far north as Iowa City.  Brooklyn is between Des Moines and the University of Iowa.

It is near Interstate 80 and not far from another major road, so it is something of a truck stop.  There is a lake with cabins and houses; the houses are inexpensive but the taxes are fairly high.  The population is only 1,500 so there cannot be more than a few restaurants or things to do on a Saturday night.

It doesn’t seem like anyone even wants to understand what led him to do it.  He is just a violent illegal immigrant and she was a pretty girl.

You can watch the videos if you want to of the killer in the small, informal, country courthouse.  He is alone and scared to death.

We can also watch the sheriff.  Is it fair to say he is responsible?