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Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen were really close to President Trump.  Who else has fallen?  There are a few models, but the publicity and the payoffs probably have not hurt their careers.

I think I would rather pay for the democrats’ spending than Trump’s legal problems.

It is so hard to tell because the big newspapers at least (NYTimes, WashPo) are so firmly against Trump.  Other major news outlets (CNN, NBC, etc.), I don’t know if it is that one-sided.

It seems Donald Trump is digging a hole he cannot get out of.  Cohen figured it out, others have too, and more will in the future:  there is no reason to be loyal to this man.  Put another way, I’m not taking the (entire) fall.

David Pecker distanced himself.

He has made too many enemies.  I think he is going to have more of them come the November elections.  He has a little over two months to right the ship and, as is always the case, he is digging in deeper.  He is the world’s worst politician.  Everything and everyone he touches…  He is just going to fire someone and try and find someone more loyal.

Fear:  Trump in the White House is coming out soon.

How can it work in the White House and under that kind of scrutiny?  Those who got out fast were really smart.  He prides himself on being able to take the pressure but already he looks worse-off from the stress.

The next two years are not going to be pretty.

Trump himself–it is not his last clinging-hope but eventually it will be one of them–now clings to the illusion that if he is impeached the markets will crash.  I don’t even believe that anymore.  He has just made too many enemies.