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Cheri Gerou.  Architect/politician.  The potential to be a bit less gruff than the mountain man or rancher.

She was a sponsor of the one bill.  Our wildlife discussions did not go well.  “If you are trying to get money from the state, they’re broke,” she said.

Finally, an

That is just too weird.

A search with the wayback machine reveals this.  (More.)  It concerned our communication:  laws, executive enforcement, and…  Hiwan Country Club.  I thought her behavior was unethical.  She was trying to get things from the DOW for Hiwan Country Club.  But she didn’t know the laws or regulations.

Tim Leonard (R), House.  The home-schooled thing, in your local district and specifically where your office is, did not sit well.

Tim Neville (R), Senate.  I had never heard of him.

Yes, it is the wild west.  Most of these people will never get to Washington.

I don’t see the problem.  Let them spend their money on dirty mailers.  Marketing mix.

Anyway, one reason is the CBI.  How to get to the CBI.


And then there is the young woman from Parks & Wildlife who I spoke with at the lake.  She was spying on the nonexistent ice fishermen.

  1. Game damage materials, two days.
  2. Permit to take deer causing excessive damage.
  3. Annual report to the general assembly.

“Every landowner shall be eligible to receive sufficient and appropriate temporary game damage prevention materials pursuant to this section.”

I need to look up the fellow, the lawyer formerly with Coors (i.e., Molson).  Oh no, Evergreen Dave and the Canyon Courier.  I know, the Canyon Courier is very similar to the NY Times.  I think he is a columnist there.

The names above?  Just thoughts.  Some are going to hear about the problems at the sheriff’s office.  I’m going all-out this time.

Here’s the thing, the last word for all events and occasions:  they’re doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to do.  Put another way, they’re using company time for the wrong, harmful, and I think illegal things.


“What do you do for a living?”

“I shoot deer and elk.”

“Anything else?”

“Yeah.  I drag their bodies around a lot.”


Next, the federal contacts.  Here’s a little secret for anyone who wants to know:  When you send something to Director, FBI, Washington, DC, it gets investigated.  Need to look-up senators and representatives.  U.S. attornys.

Michael ZinnaGadfly is not a good title.  It was a §1983 claim.  “Pro Se Plaintiff Michael L. Zinna’s Motion…”  Does even a gadfly become respectable over time?  He and I exchanged quite a few emails.  I was on his radio show.

The way I remember it.  His site had something about the Taj Mahal blowing-up on it.  I think there were bulldozers too.  So they thought he was a terrorist and they went a little overboard.

It is surprising that his actions didn’t have further ramifications, like by the district attorney…