Never Tell Anyone You Bought Gold

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The suspect found out about the gold bar. He kidnapped the mother. The son had the gold bar and left in a hurry to pay the ransom. Suspect killed mother and son. The End.  (link)

I too was thinking like a made for tv screenwriter and that is not right.  The whole thing is reminiscent of the NY prison escape and the one cons previous crimes.  He had kidnapped someone and held them for ransom–them, the individual was to pay him or be tortured or killed.

The mind does wander.  Gold can be smelted.  I have seen Goldfinger.

Much more will come out on this soon.  They found the bodies and another evidence pile.

UPDATE 12/6/15

This one is easy to check-up on–just research “Deer Lodge, MT.”  The already-locked-up suspect confessed.  But there are still very few details on the murders.  They were able to hold him on a parole violation and by revoking a deferred sentence.  Why don’t they just release the details and murder charges?

He was a handyman at properties owned by the wealthy local family.  How on earth could he think they wouldn’t find him?