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The Post (downhill since Bezos) has a bit more about North Carolina.  Obviously he is a strange person.  But this public records search and talking to (unknown) neighbors thing is a bit weird too.

“If you talked to him, nothing with him was very cognitive — topics all over place,” James Russell told the Daily News.

The “cabin” east of Asheville looks like it might have a view.  But, how exactly would that work, no electricity or water?

He bought the five acres in Colorado for $6000 and the “home” for $4000.  Is the Waffle House woman here or back East?

It cannot be a happy existence.  Disconnected or off the grid is obvious.  What does it really mean?  Disconnected.  Totally disconnected.  So disconnected you are going to lock yourself in a room, shoot people, and kill yourself.

Muslim or no it is a common…

Much more.

There are a lot of divorces and separations.  Former wife, stepmother, etc.  Everything seemed to last about three or four years, maximum.

I really do not like this business of relying on neighbors who really do not know what they are talking about.  Can’t they just say “We didn’t really know him?”  It seems to me that he lived in places that the neighbors may be a little suspect too.  The image of a dirt path, kids and dogs running around, and a speeding ATV (or junk/unregistered cars) is disturbing.

“The scripture” is almost like a drug, a sedative.  Apparently he was less violent when he was doing it.

It is interesting how former wives describe him differently.  You can see the describer in the describe.

I am curious about some things not really covered.  How did he have any money at all?  Wouldn’t it go to ex-wives and, I counted at least three kids.

His current wife worked at Waffle House and was in the hospital (pancreatitis) at the time of the shootings.  Apparently they had a decent relationship (seven years)!

He heard these demons.  They led him to the shootings.

(Unfortunately anti-“planned parenthood” attacks and domestic maniac killers are not rare.)