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My situation involves continued threats (e.g., ‘we’re going to come and cite/arrest you for…’) and harassment (e.g., continued name calling, phone calling, coming to my home) from the Jefferson County sheriff’s department (i.e., Ted Mink’s deputies).  Last night it happened again.  I have called and written the department and Mr. Mink numerous times and have NEVER received a reply.  Numerous complaints and requests for internal investigations have been ignored.

This is a result of reporting real, verifiable crime in my upscale Evergreen community.

As a first step I would like to engage an attorney to “put the department on notice that if they continue the same way, I may sue them” (link, Jonathan Willett).


Last night, once again, two deputies came to my home for the purpose of harassing and threatening me after I reported a crime; I specifically told the dispatch employee–and she repeated it back to me–that I did not wish to be called back nor did I want anyone coming to my home.  After the deputies left (they refused to provide names or cards) I received three caller ID-blocked calls from…  (INCOMPLETE).

———————— question

What can a homeowner do if the local law enforcement agency does not provide appropriate and sufficient services?

I live in an upscale suburb of Denver.  I suppose the offenses are relatively minor, but crime is rampant:  severe speeding, illegal dogs, illegal parking, driving on the wrong side of the street (and off the road), harassment (e.g., lights, noise), dogs off leash, dogs biting/attacking, harassment of wildlife, illegal littering (e.g., refrigerator, tires), illegal surveying, abandoned cars, vandalism, hit and run vehicular damage, and illegal use of public property.  There are no patrols and, if called, law enforcement employees almost never do anything; part of it is they are unskilled, but a bigger factor is they are told not to do anything.  If I speak with superiors, write complaints, or contact internal affairs they never do anything; e-mails are not replied-to and individual contact information is not provided.  This situation harms the neighborhood–neighbors fight with each other and property values and quality of life are compromised.

One way to consider this is “selective enforcement.”

With respect to “more serious” crime this law enforcement department refuses to open and investigate reported cases of county corruption, falsification of public records, and abuse of public office (e.g., “official oppression”).

Part two, or the escalation of this, is what do you do when law enforcement employees harass and intimidate when a homeowner 1) continues to report crimes and/or 2) complains or seeks IA assistance?  This website was helpful in answering this second question:  seek attorney assistance and send a letter to stop the harassment.

Finally, I should add that this is not a “departmental” problem.  In Colorado the sheriff is personally responsible for all deputy/staff behavior.  Obfuscation followed by thuggery is the way the sheriff wants it.  And it is not a budget or staffing issue; the per capita departmental budget (and officer-to-citizen ratio) is approximately twice the national average.

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