You Can’t Really Blame Him, Or Can You?

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You can’t really blame a guy for being in demand.  Most of us should be so lucky and the vast majority of critics never stop to consider how they might behave if they were ever so fortunate.  I think I would rather be a star in LA over a football coach in Knoxville too.

What can he say, or maybe, he should try.  Jon Gruden, Steve Mariucci, Kyle Whittingham, Chis Peterson, David Cutcliffe, Will Muschamp, and who knows else who turned it down.  There was a mini-riot by students.  Tennessee has not looked good.  The bottom has dropped out of their recruiting class:  Rivals, Scout, and ESPN.  When he left they were ranked 6th.  (AJC poor writing.)  Kiffin has hurt them on the field.

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