Welcome to Montana

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I have never been to Montana so I don’t know. I could draw a semicircle around the state and while it may be lopsided, it would include people who are the most remote in the U.S.

It is politics vs. the law. I wonder if a lawyer would say that.

I say it is, and as the great writer John Jay Osborne, Jr. once wrote about in terms of paralegals, I am a paraperson. Citizen, lawyer, paraperson.

An anthropologist would call it culture or enculturation. That is where and how it becomes a big case and not just a tort for damages.

Anarchist is the only word I can think of. I need to work on that, so politics will have to do for now.

“You can’t even let your dog off a leash there anymore!” The explanation point is mine. It was not a statement; it was condemnation and a demand.

The sheriff’s department and the E. P. R. D. have both said the same thing, over time. Only one actually said it out loud. Can you guess who?

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