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Mr. Wood,

My company,, makes devices to protect trees from deer and ell damage.  You’re experienced there!

In developing products Ozbo is important to me as a supplier.  But why are your prices so screwed-up?  The light duty fence posts I have purchased before are now over $800!  I noticed a small bag of Scott’s starter fertilizer is some $2,400!  Is this some sort of weird strategy to remove these, and other, products from market (temporarily)?

I called Ozbo.  I wrote the e-mail below.  Please tell me why you are doing this.


Peter Pfeiffer
Evergreen, CO

Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 9:40:02 AM
Subject: [CUS#MTS-nCxSw-028] OzBo Inc. Customer Service – Very Disappointing

Peter Pfeiffer

Your request to our Customer Service team regarding “Very Disappointing” has been received and is now being reviewed.  The ticket number is MTS-nCxSw-028.  Our target is to address this concern with all possible promptness, and we should be providing status within 24 hours (M-F 8:30am – 5:00pm EST)

The original request reads:


This morning I called your toll-free number to ask about crazy pricing on your website. I wanted to make ANOTHER order–the product I want was something like $25 last time and is now over $800. I have noticed this with respect to many products for weeks, if not longer.

The person I spoke with was extremely rude. I asked to maybe look up proper pricing and she refused. I really thought someone would apologize, thank me for my interest, or maybe take a name or e-mail address and get back to me with a resolution.

I really hoped that your company/site would be a useful supply source for my growing company. Do you want my business or not?

Thank you,

Peter Pfeiffer
Evergreen, CO

P.S. I just want to remember–RE, this e-mail. And it is posted on my blog.


If you have additional detail relating to this request, you may reply to this email.  Please be sure to keep the Ticket ID in the subject line.

Thank you.

Ozbo Inc. Customer Service

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