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This morning I spent over a half hour speaking with Rafael and “Mr. Bernard Olsen” (boss/manager; unsure of exact name).

Later today I sent this:


RE the above-referenced order…  Once again I spoke with several people at TigerDirect this morning and got nowhere.  Trying to sell me a different, grossly inferior product (used, with no HDMI port!) instead was particularly disturbing.  This problem is not due to a “typo.”

Yesterday “Angel” (#492014) assured my the product would be “brand new” and I would receive a shipping update.  This was after he verified the purchase.

I have spent significant time following-up on this purchase and informing TigerDirect personnel of the potential web problems, all with no recognition or thanks at all.  Most upsetting of all is that no one took the time to research the situation and provide a solution.  The web pages and my account information still have not been corrected.

Today I am writing Google Trusted Stores regarding my efforts and failures associated with this purchase.

I suggest the following as a solution.  Assuming the product I ordered cannot be obtained and shipped, I suggest TigerDirect provide me with an appropriate gift card so that I may shop for a suitable replacement.  This will also provide an opportunity for TigerDirect to win back my business.

I hope someone will call me as soon as possible.

Peter Pfeiffer
Evergreen, CO


This past Sunday I ordered this laptop computer.

The webpage said “usually ships within 48 hours.”  My first concern came when I checked the TigerDirect order status and it said “please allow 7-10 business days” for shipping.  Monday after the order I called TigerDirect to ask when, and from where/whom it would be shipped.  The account information only said “third party” vendor/warehouse.  After two attempts and long hold times “Angel” told me he would check into it and I would receive an e-mail within “24 to 48 hours.”  I told him I had concerns with the product–I thought, based on web searches, that it might be a discontinued model; one concern was that it would have an old/poor battery.  I even said I wasn’t sure “if it even exists.”  Angel assured me it was real, would be “brand new,” and would ship directly from the third party.

The TigerDirect website now said “Currently Out Of Stock!” and the price (approximately $146.-) was removed.  The complete description of the laptop computer remained on the site.

Further research made me even more concerned.  I searched the model numbers contained in the product description.  There was evidence that the computer–despite the detailed description–may not be a computer at all.  The Lenovo model number seems to correspond with an extended/on-site service agreement.

This (Tuesday) morning I called TigerDirect again.  I spoke with “Raphael” who would not connect me with a supervisor/manager per my request.  I recounted the whole story and was put on hold three or four times.  I asked again for a manager and Bernard Olsen (don’t know exact name) came on the line briefly; I asked for a suitable/similar replacement if the item I ordered is unavailable.  He suggested a used HP laptop with grossly inferior specs and immediately connected me with Raphael again.  Raphael asked me for a credit card number.  Of course I said “No.”

I told Raphael that I have seen numerous computers on the TigerDirect website that may indeed be service plans and are unavailable.  He said something about over 500,000 products and blamed incorrect information on suppliers.  I received no thanks whatsoever for helping the company with this huge problem affecting me and others.  I repeated:  please do some research and recommend a suitable replacement; I was put on hold again.  I ended the call.  I have not heard from anyone.

This really upsets me.  I have spent major parts of two days on it.  I have nothing at all to show for it.

I recognize that TigerDirect “terms and conditions” absolve liability for “typos.”  This is not a typo.  Further, the terms allow the company to cancel an order at “any time” for “any reason.”  But the company also claims to review all orders thoroughly; this was not done (I was sent confirmation).  This confirmation was repeated by Angel the next day.  With Raphael I had to start over (again) and explain the multiple errors TigerDirect (personnel) had made.  Yes, they may cancel, but is that a trusted store?

I believe this Google program is supposed to require the prompt shipping of the item as ordered.  And the service I have received in attempting to obtain that has been deficient.