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First email

Hi Archie Leach,

We’re neighbors…. that’s a really good thing.

I don’t have kids, which makes everything so much less complicated. I don’t have a hovering, stalking ex-something, so that makes me available.

I was told by a guy on POF that I was too available, whatever that means. And, I do have time, resources and desire to put everything into relationship. Connection is the most important thing to me. Sounds like you feel similarly.

I really like your open smile. Want to meet at Muddy Buck for coffee?


Second email

Hi Archie,

Sounds grand to me. . . and I have one caveat, I’m rehearsing for the upcoming opening of Billy Elliot, the musical – we’re performing here in Evergreen at Center Stage, right next to the Lariat Lounge. We open in a couple of weeks, so I have less time than usual until we open. I’ll be rehearsing in the evenings during the week. Friday’s, Saturday afternoon/evenings and Sundays are open.

My work schedule is really flexible too – so I have free time during the days. Here’s my number: 303.. Feel free to call and we can schedule that coffee. And it can be an hour coffee, or an hour coffee and a walk around the lake, or an hour coffee and a walk around the lake and a stop off for a beer afterwards….so many options because, we are completely unsupervised. ;)


Third/last email

Hi Peter,

Your email came in today. So, your emailing technique works.

I’ll look forward to our finding a time to get together.


The set-up, and then the scam.

Christine Kahane – Institute for Unlearning

Her profile started out with like I am trying to unlearn more every day.  It is not my favorite approach, but why the extraordinary hostility?

Screen name 8000footbliss.  There were the three emails and an urgency to talk and meet.  So what changed?

She saw this blog days ago, before the outing.

I know I have seen that CSS before–lots of oval faces on a white background all with something like this:

Organizational effectiveness specialist focused on leadership and team development

cultural and process driven transformation


It is just really weird if you Google “organizational psychologist boulder.”  Add in female and it is the largest demographic in Colorado online dating.  I’m not knocking it, particularly if there is a market.  I just don’t know how or where there is a market for it.  Or, put another way, there is a lot of competition.

Personally, I think the websites can be dangerous; I mean, I wouldn’t want to be on one.  A bunch of photographs and email addresses–our team–doesn’t necessarily make a company.  Some are like, want to be included here?  Many of these people, I just don’t see them consulting with CEOs.

Christine Carter?  There is another one who apparently is quite successful…  Now there’s a marketing strategy!  I’m feigning interest or excitement.  It is not the same as writing about someone you actually like.

The “radio show” is a little off too because I don’t think it is actually on the radio.  “I’m not all women I’m myself” she shouted, or something like that.  She was really mad because of this blog.

Didn’t want to be exposed?  Exposed as who?  Prior to your little tirade there was nothing here even remotely associated with her.

Hate me with a passion just because of who I am?  If you read this blog you can tell.  Maybe that’s it.

The purpose here is what do I tell her and  I suppose I’ll go with v1.0:

In terms of the rules, “racism, bigotry, hatred of any kind against any individual.”

I still haven’t heard from Match RE the service request.  Perhaps she has hidden herself or blocked me–because of this blog–and was just about what to say when I quit.

I think reading and writing can be a tough thing to do.  It is hard to show a little something.  Her schedule and “Cheers” don’t do it for me.

And that’s it finally, end this.  No, I don’t really want to have coffee.  Sitting in a coffee shop to me isn’t very fun.  I realize now it is…  Let’s have coffee so I can check you out.  I say No to that too.  If you’re going to ask me out do it with class.  And if we are a good match or are communicating well we can do something more fun than a cup of coffee.  And if we’re not a great match we can still be civil.

You, Christine Carter Kahane were in such tizzy to meet.  If you changed your mind, maybe just say so.

What I was trying to say is, I’m going to the lake later today and if you’d like we can meet.  And, that is not an especially attractive offer, but you seem to be in a hellfire hurry.  And I’m not doing to check you out or approve of you.  If we’re right, it’ll happen.

I keep thinking of this word, tolerant.  This is an extremely intolerant person.  And the reason your emails are posted here is because you treat people like crap.

Still going and, what is something I like about online dating?  That day, she didn’t quite say she liked it, but there was a nice message from someone who read it.  Need to respond…  Showing interest like that is pretty cool.  You can’t do it on

Fun feeling better fun anecdote:  She really did think my name was Archie Leach.