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First, it is textbook:  18-8-404/405, Official Misconduct and 18-8-403, Official Oppression.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Public corruption link.


Police occupy a complex position in our society: They are a unique arm of the government entrusted with immense power to be used both for and against the people they are sworn to protect. Their salaries are paid by the people whom they are obligated to protect. 3 Though this situation seems harmless enough, the people from whom the police are protecting the general population also pay their salaries. Additionally, the police force 4 is the only institution within our society that has the authority to use force to control problems within this country. 5 This fact escalates the position of police in society sketched here from complex to intensely problematic. The situation is complicated further by the fact that encounters with police may be the most visible interaction people have with the justice system. 6


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