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Driving around Denver and running errands was a once in a lifetime experience. Early on it was announced on the radio that Denver restaurants and bars would be closed for two months. The DJ for indie 102.3, whose voice sounded fantastic, was broadcasting from her basement.

At Westerra the lobby was closed and there was a long line at the drive-in. I took the long way trying to find a Bellco or credit union to get cash.

The streets were not empty but they were maybe one-half traffic. Most businesses were open; actually almost all were open, but it was hard to tell because so few people were out. Wendy’s, Little Cesear’s, and 7-Eleven were open. Gas stations and particularly Latin businesses (tire and car repair) places on Federal in Denver were doing business. Most of those “off” appeared to be white collar.

Put differently, people who work were working.

At the Bellco branch the young tellers and other employees were working. The door was open–everyplace had a sign and this one said “If you are coughing, please…” They wore rubber gloves. I quickly gave the young man my account number and almost instantaneously $50 appeared in front of me, placed there by another woman.

“Now that is service,” I said with a grin. He was maybe 25, the entry level man in the burgeoning Denver economy. He laughed. I signed, thanked them, and left quickly.

The woman at the next desk was touching her face. They were working hard to get the customers in and out.

The pot store was doing doing brisk business. The (also) young woman at 7-Eleven, standing in front of the door and cash register, was really, really nice. I was thirsty and the cold beer tasted great.

Colorado has 183 people with covid-19. Two people have died. What is alarming is that more people have it when more people are tested. To go along with that, testing still seems unavailable to many people.

Trump and the administration seems to be relatively unconcerned for the people.

What I have noticed from my perch on the mountain is that local traffic is maybe one-fifth. Again, the white collar thing. There are more people than usual out in the parks and walking. It is secluded and safe. No hurricanes or tornadoes either.

My trip around Denver was uplifting. It was great to see people living.

Then there is this, the guy who decided to use his free time due to the virus to alphabetize the spices in his cupboard.

The link that I have been using is this one. Let’s hope it is under control. And that it means the end of Trump.

For those who died or are sick, it is all about them. Talk about innocent. I think the government could have done a better job, but look at its leader. He is an embarrassment even during times of success. I have never heard Trump speak of the sick or otherwise affected people. I understand he is watching the charts too, but all he knows or cares about is the S&P.

It is not a time for jokes and this is not one: writing is infectious too. I’m glad I wrote about my little trip through Denver. Denver now has a stay at home order and the pot stores have long lines.

I wasn’t arrogant but I did not express a lot of humility or empathy either. We learn so much from reactions.

Why isn’t Gavin Newsom running for President?

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