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092The view of the tees is beginning to take shape.  The trees are there but are small… which is just as well because it will be difficult to hit over them when they are bigger.

The ground under repair area (new seed) took forever.  There are 3-5 new-born deer (now 4-5 months old) and their parents and others roaming around constantly.  The young ones bounce around everywhere.  The only way I have found to grow grass seed is to build a small fence around it.  The deer may smash into it a few times but they seem to learn that it is there and then usually they avoid it.




So what did you do this Summer?  Most of this land has never been touched.  It is almost like archaeology, especially with the rock outcroppings.  They remind me of North Carolina.  What is the legal term, it is not undeveloped…  Would it be considered undeveloped anyway, it is within a subdevelopment lot?

I did not know it was even my property until…

The legal term is “unimproved,” which is awfully difficult to define.  But it actually makes a lot of sense.  For instance, when it comes to criminal trespassing, you cannot really tell if it is private property, or if it is not be encroached-upon, if it is untouched.  That is why there are other requirements, such as a fence or sign.