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This was written in March, 2004.

To call it “proven” is not accurate.  That is part of the problem when fighting against deer and elk:  it is a long, ongoing war.

The gist was fine but there are a number of specific refinements:

  1. In an area with elk six feet is not high enough.  Six and a half feet is likely enough (particularly for a strong, straight, established tree).  It is important to consider that the terrain (e.g., steepness) may make the height of protection seem like much less.
  2. Chicken wire alone does not assure a solution.  Think Like A Beast Tree Protectors (TM) have undergone several key product refinements since this was written.
  3. Pruning properly has a lot to do with tree health.
  4. Landscaping basics such as good soil, mulch, water, and fertilizer have a lot to do with tree health.

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