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I was actually told that Ted Mink instructed employees of his department to only enforce open fire and fireworks violations (and supposedly serious crimes).

I suppose this is why “Kevin” (or possibly “Jeff”) made the outrageous conclusion that the public park in my neighborhood is “private property” because “they (EPRD) have a board.”  First he mentioned Animal Control and I argued that dogs are not allowed at all.  He said that because it is private property nothing would happen (i.e., no law enforcement response).

Back to my source…  The source made it clear that the sheriff’s department does not enforce the laws because of perceived public opinion.  The sheriff, and his deputies/employees, believe residents do not want law enforcement.  He/they believe residents will be outraged by enforcement (i.e., arrests, tickets, and warnings).  He/they believe they have the authority to override laws.

The source described a woman who has repeatedly called the sheriff’s department complaining of a neighbor shooting a gun.  She has requested noise ordinance enforcement.  The source said “there is nothing we can do,” that the man has a right to shoot his gun on his property.


Yes he does have that right, but he does not have a right to disturb others, particularly on their property and in their home.  The U.S. Constitution does not grant this right; state Constitutions–particularly Colorado’s–are more specific in with respect to such personal rights.

RE the wider revelations by the source…  I suppose I knew this but couldn’t pin it down.  I knew it was corruption.  I figured it had something to do with this “mountain mentality” or “wild west” nonsense.  Now I can put it in terms of specific offenses:  He has a duty to enforce.  This has nothing to do with public opinion, politics, or personal biases; he is not being paid to be a sociologist or survey researcher.  I still believe the best, most tangible way to prosecute is altering of public records.  I would add:  If I have a “duty” to report crimes I believe it follows that he/they have a responsibility to investigate and prosecute them.

He is harming many, many people who are entitle to law enforcement.  And of course he is wasting taxpayer/public money in pursuing his personal agenda.

Finally, the source was very disturbing in terms of some of his criticisms.  “Get a life” the source said; “you look out your window…”; “I’m not going to ticket someone for going one mile per hour over”; “Are you trying to use the park?”; “It is the Fourth of July” “Don’t you think we have other things to do?”

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