The Prison Escape

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If you read the brief Wiki post it is pretty clear this “person” is an escape risk.  Geez, talk about living off the government.  It makes me really rethink prison overcrowding.  I mean, I’m all for it.

It is informative and disturbing to watch the coverage.  It affects communities in a large portion of the state.

Just looking at prisons is always creepy.  The prison employees are not uplifting either.  Someone has to do it.


Difficult to watch (interview with mother).  “I wish he would have gave up a long time ago,” said Pamela.  “I love you, always have and always will.”

Like the Boston Marathon killings these manhunts provide a look into law enforcement militia.  When multiple agencies combine the force is extraordinary.  There is no way you are going to escape it.  The man who killed the Washington family (see below) drove back and forth to NYC and was followed the whole time.  The Spice Road guy was watched logging-in at the library.

The NY Times and Washington Post said it differently—25 square miles or a circle with a 25 mile radius.  A line of people, each within eyesight of the next, provided a perimeter.  They knew Sweat was within it.

That was the area in which you couldn’t open the windows at your house.

They knew where he was.  “Less than two miles from the Canadian border” but they knew where he was.  It isn’t as if he almost made it.

As soon as Sweat was spotted by the man who shot him (big safe vehicle vs. man on foot) the swarm was in motion and it was over.

Everything is magnified because they of course have nothing to lose—the pictures, they hold him up like a shot animal.

The woman who helped them and discussed killing her husband (also a jail employee)…  It seems inconceivable that anyone would be so dumb, and so desperate, that they would pick up escaped murderers and help them.  Given that she helped them get that far suggests that is not improbable at all.  It is the new definition of living your life in a sink hole.  This is in addition to not understanding or performing her job at all.  It is a maximum security prison.  Could you be more pathetic, present convict company excluded?  Look at what you have done.  People in the whole area were scared, homes were broken into, cars everywhere were stopped and searched.  A force of thousands at a cost of millions was assembled; the governor has better things to do.  Oh, but she decided not to go through with it.

The first one was found and shot…

good video

Does this place have a warden?  Who is in charge?

procedures and reminding officers of what their job is

“She explained she’d been unsure of his love and flattered by attention from Matt, who had tried to kiss her a few times, Lyle Mitchell said. But he said her fondness turned into fear when she told Matt she’d changed her mind about being their driver and he threatened to have her husband killed.”

Perhaps she did not plot to kill her husband.  Yes, she was conned.  But she was working in a prison, not a tailoring business.  Her job was to keep the prisoners there and the public safe. Denouement.  Fun comments.  Pamela Smart!