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the map 5They are heading southwest toward Mt. Evans, per Mike McKee.  The whole idea is to fly straighter (and lower) but that means they’re coming from about the “70”  under the EDG in the upper right to the lower corner.  Maybe it is louder and more annoying when they come from behind you.

I’ve spoken with people and heard it myself around Bergen Park, which is above 30545 Roan Drive about where Highway 74 turns to the right.  Over the Walmart and Home Depot and closer to I-70 too it is really loud.  So the main path is not quite that south, more from Lakewood left.  Genesee must get it bad.

Make no mistake there are other paths too, especially going more or less in the other direction.  You can see it in the sky.

the map 4

















Again, I don’t want to live here if…  How to buy an email list?  There’s an Evergreen Facebook page.  Flyers are crummy; mailing is how expensive?  I’ve always wanted to try something like that.