The Last Recession

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About once every three or four episodes one gets to me. I think about it, rewind it, and I go back to it and rewatch the parts that I did not follow.

Tommy Nguyen, who apparently produced it, posted it free for all. His other videos (disabled kids?) appear equally intrusive.

This one spans some 4 years of filming. Were they paid by NBC?

Caution, spoiler to follow! The only hardship the family of four endured other than the economy was the motorcycle accident. That was a bad one, and a major hook for the story is that it was while riding a second hidden Harley. Therein lies a clue to what is going on: it will come back. Home prices, Harley prices, the amorphous economy, and my entire life will come back.

The story is very sad because of the disability. The characters are likeable. But the mystery remains.

Doing the math backward, they paid $65K down on a $325,000 house. They poured all this money into it and also took it out in the form of more mortgages. The mortgages work a lot better when you have a high income. Apparently it was worth near $800,000 and it went down to under $500,000. They were $90K in the red, meaning they had $600,000 in debt.

The house is in Las Flores, CA. I had never heard of it but I like looking-up houses and areas. It is in Orange County, California, which can be very nice and is always expensive. The Sadowski’s home looks a little nicer than those in the links above–it backs up to open space with a giant metal fence, which is where the outdoor dining room sits next to the pool with real rocks. But still.

He had 25-40 employees and 15-17 projects and all that. Something is wrong and even snooping over four years does not answer it.

Neither can find a job in 2 years. They could work at a grocery store or Walmart.

You see these people and they are very sad stories. It is like the series American Greed. The stories are consuming, but what about these poor people?

$650 for food stamps and $750 for welfare.

The woman’s mother lost her house too. What is the matter with these people?

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