The gift that keeps on giving

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Today there was more:  hints that in the near future more violations by Ohio State, Tressel, Gene Smith, et. al. will come out.  There is speculation that this time (the last one concerned car sales) they involve housing and vacation expenses.  I seldom do this, but it spurred me to put a post here.

Some day soon I will write my opus on why the continued scandals at OSU are so newsworthy and memorable.  To me the real significance is that they just don’t get it.  They will not relent.  They will not come clean.  Until they purge the debris and unequivocally declare that they will be a clean program, the mess will continue.  Denial and avoidance are destructive.  And, make no mistake, waiting hurts.

Oh, by the way, Ohio State is an educational (i.e., teaching)  institution.

This, posted here, is an outrageous sign of what is still going on:

“(Gene) Smith has confirmed that the five-game suspension actually amounts to only a 15-hour suspension — the time during which the Buckeyes are playing games.”

It is utterly absurd.  Gordon Gee, and Smith/Tressel actually think 15 hours is a suitable penalty?  They are living in their own private Idaho Ohio.


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