The EPRD and Scott Robson

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Scott Robson, Executive Director, Evergreen Parks and Recreation District (EPRD).

Here’s a little bit about him and here’s his hiring announcement.

Anyway, the reason I’m suspicious is that he doesn’t respect community rules.  He doesn’t value the law.  He doesn’t understand that it is not optional, and that no one–especially someone in a public capacity–can pick and choose what rules to enforce.  He doesn’t understand the concept that, you hope people will act with consideration and respect for others and, when they don’t, you have to enforce the rules.

Strange, he has an impressive educational background, but he doesn’t seem to have a ‘get it done’ attitude.  His is not an easy job, but it seems he could do it if he wanted to.

This community, Evergreen, Colorado, has a dog/dog leash problem.  Mr. Robson is a key manager of one of a park and recreation system.  He refuses to make the EPRD parks safe and clean with respect to dogs.  The simplest solution?  Hire a de facto ranger.  I would expect that an executive director with responsibilities relating to a $5 million budget could do that.

Here are the animal control regulations.  “Protect the health, welfare, and safety of…” they say.  Don’t blame it on them, I say.  If there’s a problem with enforcement fill the void.  What are you trying to prove?

Originally posted 5/8/11

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