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Let’s review:

  • I bought a 24″ HP IPS on eBay for $30.
  • The scam ads were so appealing I bought an AOC for something like $35. I didn’t actually expect either of those.
  • The whole portable usb-powered segment is interesting, so I bought a HearDear (!) 4K for around $85.
  • Still not done, I ordered a 24″ Vizta from… I’ll have to look that up.
  • I’m loosing track of the order of the purchases. Somewhere in there is usb-powered AOC from Office Depot.

This is not the first time this has happened. You are always protected with a credit card if it doesn’t show up.

The first two were obvious scams and eBay caught it; that means very little to me so I put in a dispute with my credit card.

The Vizta––company never sent me a receipt, when I contacted them they never heard of me or the order. Friendly and grateful for the sale they were not. Annoyed, I disputed it with my credit card. About a week later I found it sitting at my front door.

For the HearDear, the seller said it was new and unopened and it was actually far from that; more like used and possibly damaged. I suggested to them that the whole thing is a lie, scam, and not very nice thing to do. Bingo, full refund. No need to bother or argue or say a thing more.

Finally, I bought the AOC Office Depot product because it looked decent and the seller would be the most reliable of the group. Frankly, I thought I might return it. Wrong! Despite saying it was in stock that was not the case, and after about two weeks of lies and promotional emails, they finally sent it. It is kind of clunky and it isn’t a full HD or IPS screen.

When I first checked there was a credit for it, then no charge at all. Credit card dispute for that one too, I don’t want it anymore and I am not going to deal with Office Depot anymore. They are awful.

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