The Computer Purchase

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This is the first time I have bought something of this magnitude on eBay.  They have become so much better with their guarantees and reigning in unscrupulous–or just error-prone– sellers that I decided to do it.  Plus, there was six months to pay (interest free) and $10 off through their financing arm.

Still, it is weird.  I don’t know the sellers name, phone number, or e-mail address.  Computer configurations vary.  The description didn’t mention an HDMI port but it seems all the ones sold in the U.S. have it.  We’ll see about that, and other things.

It is an Acer Aspire X1700.  Acer, a Taiwanese company, owns the Gateway and eMachines brands; eMachines has been discontinued.  Each of these brands includes models that are relatively inexpensive, small (SFF), have large hard drives, and have HDMI out.  There is a new buzz-acronym “HTPC”–home theater PC, and that is what I want if for.  This one is used, aka, “refurbished.”

There are things I still don’t know, including:

  1. The desktop’s condition (e.g., scratches)?
  2. Is a keyboard and/or mouse included?
  3. Does HDMI work (apparently, at worst, there is some set-up involved, per my research)?
  4. is Vista still there, perhaps partitioned?
  5. Is there a product key for Win 7?
  6. Where exactly is the WIFI and how does the extendable antenna work?
  7. Is the hard drive really 320 gb (most seem to be 640)?
  8. What exactly will Roxio do?
  9. Are any cables included?
  10. Is it in original packaging?
  11. What about manual(s)?
  12. I found two different dimensions for the desktop computer, which will it be?  (I am hoping 3.9″ x 10.4 x 12.4.)
  13. The “ad” says “seller refurbished.”  How capable is the seller at this?  What exactly was done to it?

Shipping was prompt and supposedly it will be here tomorrow.  Most important, is it bug-free and will it work?