Snowden on the Run

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To repeat what many others have said Edward Snowden is neither a hero or traitor.  It is unclear what his motives and character are.  It is pretty clear he has committed crimes–disagreeing with laws is no excuse for breaking them–and that he is in a heap of trouble.  Being pursued for life by the U.S. government is a very scary thought.

But blogging from Ecuador?  Maybe the world is changing.

This is unfolding like the Grisham novel The Firm.  It is one hell of a chase scene.

What seems to be happening is the U.S. government is being pelted with eggs.    There is questionable surveillance and shoddy management and an absolute inability to tell truth from lies.  Every politician and official who opens their mouth deepens the exposure.  It is a chasm:  Too big, too complicated, too untrustworthy.  It has been building, and it is not a simple problem.

It is getting harder and harder to call the U.S. a global good samaritan.  (EDIT:  Still better than the rest but in need of improvement.)

Even China and Russia have gotten their licks in.  Each, briefly so as not to get in too deep, has stoked the flames.

Safety, and hopefully obscurity, in Ecuador has to be the best immediate outcome for this individual.