Seeking Activists

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I don’t like the word “activist” but I used it anyway.  Correction:  Seeking people to fight corruption.  Public corruption is the worst.

I came across Judy Denison.  Ms. Denison sought to expose the deeds of former commissioner John Odom.

Today I looked-up the director of parks and open space, Tom Hoby ( when I saw an open space vehicle observing the noxious weeds in my neighborhood.  The e-mail to Mr. Hoby is forthcoming.  Also on my list is Casey Tighe; his campaign said something about auditing and accountability.  Does he stand by it?

And then there is the issue of the fire board recall…  I am glad to see concern, scrutiny, and action.  Ooops, I am too late.  It is over.  The recall lost.

RE Ted Mink:  this appears to have fizzled.