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This is awful. Is it wrong to think about such things? That is why I am putting my attention toward white collar criminals like those at Bank of America and the local sheriff’s department.

There are some excellent quotes and excellent quotes in the story of the poor retired man. 250,000 pounds was something north of $500,000 and to people of such a simple life that is their fortune. They said they had nothing left. As for the rest, they call it being a pensioner, which with a quick search is 129 pounds max per week or maybe $150 and that is terrible.

They were swindled by this group of local gangsters out of the money and the pot farm. They had nothing left.

The victim was a “source or potential source of grief to local criminality.”

“For Gerry’s family and friends I am sorry we have lost him, our lives poorer and somehow empty without him. To that sad, twisted broken soul who murdered him, I say if you have an ounce of humanity, any sense of decency then you would tell us now why you have done this.”

That is what it means when you say nothing.

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