Revenge or Reason?

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Part of the solution.


Let me see, those LED spotlights are something like 180 watts equivalent each.  I think there was a typo in the original listing.  I offered $20 and they’re on their way.

I am curious about the concept of “white light.”  I don’t mean white-colored light, I mean white light as in white noise.  My two problems are I don’t like the light in my bedroom and I don’t like driving up to or even seeing my house and yard light up by a light maniac.  I’ve done some serious experimenting with lighting trees (because I think they are amazing).  I have some beautiful—people call them rock outcroppings, I call them cliffs—things to light in my backyard.  I’ve never been one for lights; in fact, I prefer it dark.

Just suppose I light up the things in my yard that I want to see.  Will this alleviate light pollution?

In the past I have not had much success with white light.  It did not seem to block the incoming light and the neighbor and police had a hard time dealing with it.  Brighter and bigger may cause a problem.

Remember, your enemies have not won until they change who you are.  Ordinarily I would pay close attention to the property line when lighting anything.  Now I know A LOT more about that subject.