Reporting, Punishment, and Disgustingness

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Gregg Williams

The punishments for the Saints coaches are severe (and appropriate) and some of the perpetrators (i.e., idiots) are appealing them.  Thank goodness for information and reporting.  There is a tape!  And on the internet the news spreads like wildfire.  There can be no denying it.  And being an underling or boss isn’t an excuse.

In the age of concussions this:

“Every single one of you, before you get off the pile, affect the head. … Touch and hit the head.”

The punishments are more than appropriate.  You don’t try and damage the product–the players and stars.  Further, it is the antithesis of sportsmanship.

As seems to be the case these days there is always some sort of rationalization or attempted justification.  Some players and fans are saying such aggression, sans the bounties, is the norm.  Maybe that is true and I certainly am in no position to confirm or refute it.  But I know this:  It is not for me.

More:  I do not like or admire players who think this way.  Everyone cannot be blamed, but these people denigrate the profession and the league.  I believe the commissioner has a serious problem.

More 2:  This columnist often expresses a strong, appropriate viewpoint.  Only thing is, he came up a little short.  All others who expressed similar views now or in the past are guilty too.  Sportsmanship takes absolute priority.

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