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This is not a hatchet job. It isn’t a Facebook post, it isn’t a rant and rave, and it isn’t fake news. I’ve always written that this blog is about my keeping records, memories, and learnings. It is visible to all, and maybe it can help others also.

“We have our rules” is one soundbite I remember.

Another, from a different branch manager, is “This is what we are going to do for you.”

It is especially odd for a banker. How is a banker registered or licensed? I will find out. But I know there is a fiduciary duty there. In other words, there are a lot of ways to complain.

Andrew is one name; Juli Christy is another name and person, an important one. Mr. Patel is the ringleader because they all sang the same song, but he may not even know it.

This is boring so let’s get it out of the way right now. There is more to it besides the FINRA exam

States regulate personal bankers through various organizations, including securities commissions, bank divisions and banking departments. State agencies require personal bankers and bank managers who supervise these bankers to hold federal licenses and registrations according to the products and services offered. Investment advisers must also register with the Investment Adviser Registration Depository as required by the international North American Securities Administrators Association and the federal Securities and Exchange Commission.

I do not think a lot of it applies. But that is my ignorance. Specifically, Bank of America is not a state chartered commercial bank.

Ouch. Office of the Controller of the Currency, that is who regulates Bank of America. Earlier I saw this but I am more interested in the formal, official way. This is a giant scam.


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