Pot in Colorado (14-3)

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Line-out-of-statersIt has been one of the biggest stories so far in 2014.  People don’t understand a big reason Colorado is first.

The reason Colorado is first–the first in the world to legalize pot stores–is that it wants the money.  Colorado has historically been a hands-off state in terms of government intrusion, taxation, and protection.  The state’s bureaucracy have not been leaders in economic development.  John Hickenlooper is an uninvolved, ineffective governor.

Colorado has innovative and progressive laws.  The problem is enforcement and regulation.  As a result, the pot program is likely to be a real challenge.  While I am in favor of decriminalization and even legalization–for certain users under certain circumstances–I fear for the worst.

There are many things to watch.  What will the impact be on kids?  Will public opinion change?  How will the economics work?  How many “undesirables” will surface?  What about addiction?  Its impact is being watched nationwide.

But the biggest issue is, how will it affect neighborhoods and local areas?  This is the question no one is asking.  State officials are unconcerned.  Nobody has even thought about it.  No one has any idea.

I am in favor of adults being able to indulge in the privacy of their own home.  Beyond that, there are too many unanswered, unenforceable, and unhealthy ramifications to this situation.

As for state and local governments, I say first things first.  I’d rather they put their energies toward keeping me and my home safe, private, and prosperous.

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