Political gunman

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Yesterday was a sad day.  It still is.

Our word for that day is “misanthrope.”

Alexandria is a lot like Littleton (pop. 150,000).  There are some nice places, but most of it is about commerce or business.  Actually, old town Alexandria is much nicer than Littleton, and there the commerce is more upscale than that of Denver because it is based on politics.  Alexandria is home to just about every major association.

It is a tough and expensive place.  I’m surprised you could live in a van there for over six weeks.  The baseball complex and YMCA area really look nice.

Yes, they are kind of odious, at least that’s the way they appeared once again during the Comey testimony.  There were long, selfish speeches and one public stance by the Republican Senator–it would not hold up in a court of law–remains the most visible.  They’re almost all white businessmen or lawyers and they are different because they don’t represent a company, country, cause, or family.  They represent only themselves.

They’re not like most of us.  Or are they?

They were practicing–working–before 7 AM probably so they wouldn’t look awful during the game and in front of a lot of people.  Then it is off to a quick shower and back into a suit and tie.

Boy I hate that phrase, “they don’t get to live in Colorado.”  This was a little bit of outdoor exercise.  It is their home, albeit temporarily.  It is not easy.  And each and every one of them has earned everything he or she has achieved.

Is there anything to be learned from Tad Cummins other than he is going to be old, and out of jail, before we hear a whole lot again?

The shooter is from a small city about the size of Columbia, TN (Belleville, IL) near St. Louis.  His house looks nice and 3 acres for $150,000, with cornfields, looks quite comfortable.  He went to a local college and his family was there.  When first revealed, he looks to be very, very normal.

Normal in a small-town harmless sort of way.

But James Hodgkinson had a huge sign near the rural road for TJH Home Inspections.  He shot guns in his yard, toward neighbors.  “His” stepdaughter doused herself with gasoline and committed suicide in a car fire; earlier, she was forcibly removed from a car in a hair-pulling assault incident.  Much earlier, he was wrestler–5′ 6″ and 200 lbs.

He lived there his whole life and at 66 he didn’t want to do it anymore.

He was known to be angry, really angry.

You can talk all you want about twenty-something Syrians who have nothing, want nothing, and are nothing, but what about this guy?  Blaming it on politics?  Ugh.



Things have come out.  THREE foster daughters, two of whom killed themselves (one an overdose that may not have been intentional).   There was a drinking problem that may or may not have been more than one or two Buds a day.  Something somewhere pointed to a potential divorce.

Adopting foster children in need is is close to heroic.  Working for Sanders and going to Washington to do something–if only peacefully–is pretty cool too.

Could there have been an awareness of I’m doing more harm than good?  OMG, Tad Cummins, again, with violence.