Pizza Therapy

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The secret is out:  that is the name of my revolutionary pizza concept.

There are a few tweaks to the dough recipe but it is remarkably similar.  It has to be baked right (i.e., hot) to get that “pizza flavor.”  And to acheive that special combination of chewiness and crispiness it has to be hot and fast, not twice-baked.  Also, in my experience, it should be placed on a hot surface such as a hot pan, stone, or oven.

After many years I have learned that, while it can be done, there is usually no substitute for kneading.  The pizza dough for the above pie was kneaded for almost ten minutes.  This gave it that perfect consistency and I believe helps with the ability to rise properly.  Also, proper kneading allows for the pizza to slide off of a board or pizza peel, thus keeping the bottom of the cooking surface hot.

This particular pizza dough was made yesterday and stored in the refrigerator overnight.  This, an approximately 11-inch pizza, is one-quarter of the three-plus cups of flour recipe.