Pizza Dough: The End of Experimenting

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2 cups four

2 teaspoons salt

1 teasspoon yeast

3/4 cup water (ice cold)

Note:  a little baking powder helps.  Much more to add here in terms of tricks…

That is the basic recipe but I don’t make it exactly like that.  I use 1 1/2 cups regular (preferably unbleached) and 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, plus about a teaspoon (I don’t know, a small dollup); I use a little less than two teaspoons of salt and I use garlic salt; I usually add about a tablespoon of basil.  I make it in a bread machine, kneeding for about 12 minutes (it doesn’t mix perfectly so after the ball is formed I pick it up and kneed it by hand, then put it back in the still-spinning breadmaker.

THE KEY, in practice and per the source (P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home Retreat) of the recipe is to put all the dry ingredients into the bread or dough machine and ADD THE WATER PERIODICALLY as the dough mixes and forms a firm ball.  I like to keep it a little moist–not wet, just not dry and floury.

Then, store it in a bowl with a lid or towel (I use a glass Pyrex bowl with a not-tight top and also drape a towel over it).

Cook 7 minutes; remove from oven, put cheese on, and bake about 8 minutes more.  I use a good/hot convection oven at 450.

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