Pamela Phillips

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The car that was bombed and he died in wasn’t his, it was his construction executive partner’s.  Hickey declared bankruptcy four years before Triano.  Gary Triano sold the car to Hickey for $8000.

Someone on the internet wrote that she had tried to sell the story for a movie shortly before her arrest.  The book isn’t very good and it is not clear where she gets some of the wild, fictionalized scenes.

Triano’s is a story about a ponzi scheme until the end.  He had never been in jail and there was nothing suggesting he was close.  They were just civil judgments and debts, mostly to individuals.

The divorce was about money-grabbing but it was a situation so awful getting out was something anyone would do.  He managed to avoid formal bankruptcy for years all the while refusing to acknowledge it or change his lifestyle.  He had no real job–he didn’t create or build anything–or source of income.  Again, it was a matter of these people, the investors, who did business with him.  Obviously it was ludicrous to think that that wouldn’t dry up.

Like Bernie Madoff and the rest his life must have been lies, stress, and even violence.

Pamela Phillips.

She isn’t a sociopath because people still liked her.  She fit into society.

Her entire adult life, what does she have to show for it?  All the people brought down is the distinguishing factor.  She has nothing to show for it except a lot of hurt, involved people.

She clung herself to Gary Triano and blamed him for everything.  He had nothing left when he was killed.  The only thing she could get was the after-death insurance.

Her step-kids sued for wrongful death and her real kids didn’t even show up for her murder trial.