On Hernandez and Others

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Dude is a thug, plain and simple. This is what thugs do when “disrespected”, if they’ve been cheated, or if they smell the proverbial “rat”. Many of these guys have lots of illegal money; thus, how much money they make has nothing to do with it, and consequences aren’t considered. It’s all about the code by which they abide.

I’ve said it before, but I work with violent felons daily. I hear their stories and rationale behind why they did what they did (felonious assault, murder, etc). It usually amounts to nothing more than things related to what I stated above – money, possessions (including women), perceived disrespect, and snitches.

Think of yourself and what you’d consider your breaking point(s). Now, think of how you were raised or what life experience you’ve had that has made this/these your breaking point(s). Also, think of how you’d react to “solve” or “avenge” whatever the problem was. For most of us, it’d be something like “if anyone laid a hand on my wife/kid, I’d physically defend them however I could”. Now, for violent convicts and thugs like Hernandez, it’s pretty cut and dried. They have many more “breaking points”, and their solutions are often excessive violence including murder. This is what they’ve been taught and are simply products of their environments.

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